English at your pace
Ages 1 to 5
Baby English (from 18 months to 3) and preschoolers (P3, P4 and P5). At this stage, we aim to naturally foster English comprehension.
Ages 6 to 11
This stage covers the six years of primary school. Children learn to read and write in English and develop their vocabulary, basic grammar and speaking.
Ages 12 to 17
For teenagers, the aim is to achieve advanced listening skills and strong writing, reading and speaking skills. We also aim for them to obtain the Cambridge First Certificate.
From Beginner to Proficiency, courses for professionals, university students and anyone who needs English for work, study, travel or even just as a hobby.
Other Languages
Following the same Cambridge School methodology, you can also learn German, French, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish and Catalan for foreigners with us and prepare for the official exams for these languages.
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Aprendre anglès en temps de covid

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Business English in the time of covid

Has the way we learn English in the professional world changed?

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L’Advanced, abans de la uni

Així ho va assolir la nostra alumna Anna Larruy

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UB-EIM certification

Cambridge School is the only language school accredited by the UB-EIM in Vallès Oriental

Upcoming events
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Story Time in November

This month via INSTAGRAM

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Tots els SIMULACRES DE NOVEMBRE es faran des de casa

Informeu-vos-en al vostre centre

Official exams
Get your language level recognised.
Cambridge Online
Learn wherever you are.