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Our talks for high school students can be about the culture of Britain or another English-speaking country (e.g., New Zealand, Australia, US or Canada) or any topic of interest for students of this age. The talks are given by Cambridge School native teachers.


  • Provide students with the chance to meet and talk to a person from an English-speaking country and practice speaking and listening in English.
  • Give students an opportunity to practice the language they study at school.
  • Provide an opportunity for self-assessment in a situation different from the typical classroom activity. 


The talk allows discussing in detail the subject proposed, extending vocabulary and focusing on English pronunciation. The teacher starts the talk with a presentation in PowerPoint or a similar format to introduce the topic before moving on to questions from students.

This activity can be included in the syllabus of the foreign language subject of the schools. 


  • Maximum number of students per group: 60-70
  • Where: At the school or the local library
  • When: During the school year from October to May
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Activity time: To be agreed upon by the school and Cambridge School


Below are some suggested topics that we have already done in schools. If you want another topic, let us know, and we will create a talk for you.

Topics for teenagers

  • Batman and the making of a modern cultural icon
  • 6 ways to destroy the planet
  • Surf, skateboards and roller blades:  Where did they come from?
  • 5 amazing animals
  • Weird world records
  • Punks, hippies, goths and hipsters.  Profiles of modern tribes.
  • Billionaire!  How the super-rich live
  • Doping in sport and Lance Armstrong
  • The rise of social media and Mark Zuckerberg


English/US culture

  • All about Canada
  • All about London
  • All about New York
  • All about Scotland
  • All about New Zealand and Australia
  • Britain and British customs; differences between Catalonia and Britain
  • Differences between American / British culture
  • Differences between American / British language
  • Christmas in England
  • Christmas in the USA
  • The history of Hollywood
  • Feminism and female British writers

Iconic figures from English-speaking history (I)

  • John Lennon and the rise of youth culture
  • Diana, Princess of Wales and the modern media
  • Margaret Thatcher and the limits of the state
  • Alan Turing and the computing revolution
  • Queen Elizabeth I and women in power
  • Winston Churchill and the power of words
  • William Shakespeare and the evolution of the theatre
  • Orson Welles and the art of cinema
  • Sigmund Freud and the rise of psychology
  • Pele and the global triumph of football
  • Martin Luther King & the fight for civil rights
  • Walt Disney & the rise from Mickey Mouse to MARVEL

Iconic figures from English-speaking history (II)

  • Virginia Woolf and our love of reading
  • Nelson Mandela and the courage to forgive
  • Agatha Christie and our fascination with crime
  • Bob Marley and the global village– I shot the sheriff
  • Marilyn Monroe and how icons are made
  • Charlie Chaplin and the evolution of humour
  • Stephen Hawking and the triumph of mind
  • Marie Curie and the advance of medical science
  • Bruce Lee and popularisation of martial arts
  • Whitney Houston and nature of fame
  • Madonna & being a media sensation

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