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At Cambridge School, we also teach German, French, Italian, Chinese and Spanish and Catalan for foreigners. In today's globalised world, more people want to learn a second or third language for work or personal reasons. Our high-quality courses in other languages can help you achieve this objective and obtain official qualifications to demonstrate your level.

Why study other languages at Cambridge School?

  • All our teachers are qualified in the languages they teach and have specialised training in language teaching. Furthermore, they receive continued professional development to learn the latest language-teaching techniques.
  • We use the same prestigious educational methodology as in our English courses, which is endorsed by certification from the University of Barcelona’s School of Modern Languages (we are the only language school in Vallès Oriental with this certification). On finishing their courses, students of German, French and Italian receive an official certificate from the University of Barcelona’s School of Modern Languages recognising their level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Under our language learning methodology, the communicative approach, you use the language you study from your first day in class. The priority is making you able to communicate.
  • Our programmes are clearly structured and follow a study and assessment (tests, written assignments, overall exams) system that continually assesses student progress.
  • We prepare our students for the most prestigious and renowned official exams in each language. We do specific preparation courses for the official exams two months prior to the exam.


Academic year

The standard courses running from September to June consist of three hours a week done on one day. Each course follows a textbook that is complemented by an exercise book to help consolidate at home the content covered in class. The classes are varied and stimulating. All language skills are practised, with special emphasis on speaking.


Individual and shared private classes

Classes for individuals or a small group of between two and four people that are ideal for students who want a specific course or accelerated learning. Class times and content are tailored to suit the students.


Intensive summer courses

Do a complete level in only five weeks! Doing an intensive course is an excellent way to greatly improve your language skills in a short period of time. The content and approach is exactly the same as in the standard courses done in the academic year.


Study trips abroad

With our study trips abroad, you can further your language skills while discovering a new culture. Learning and improving speaking and listening skills while being immersed in the culture of the country is one of the most effective ways for mastering a language. General and specific courses are available in many cities including Berlin, Paris, Florence and Shanghai.

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