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A Social Initiative

Since 2016, Cambridge School has offered annual scholarships to students who are highly motivated to learn but are faced with financial barriers to access private English language instruction.

This social initiative has been very well accepted by schools, students, and institutions and it allows students who receive scholarships to take a further step with English at a decisive time for their education: when they are transitioning from obligatory secondary school to the work world or to upper secondary school or professional training.

Intended Scholarship Recipients

The Cambridge School English Scholarships are aimed exclusively at students who are in their fourth year of obligatory secondary school at the time of the respective scholarship application, and the application process is open to public schools in whole Barcelona area.

What the Scholarships Include

The scholarships include a complete academic year at Cambridge School (from September to June) covering tuition, all course fees, as well as books – this is a total of approximately €1,100 per scholarship.

The Selection Process

El procés d'inscripció de la propera convocatòria s'inicia l'1 de febrer del 2023 i es tanca el 31 de març, i en breu podreu consultar aquí les BASES  COMPLETES DE PARTICIPACIÓ I CALENDARI de la convocatòria de beques del curs 23/24.

Si teniu algun dubte durant el període d'inscripció, podeu posar-vos en contacte amb Cambridge School a través del següent correu electrònic: becaangles@cambridgeschool.com. Ara bé, només s'acceptaran les sol·licituds enviades a través del formulari dins de les dates indicades i que continguin tota la informació requerida.

Un cop acabat el procés de presentació de sol·licituds i de valoració de candidatures d’acord amb els criteris descrits a les bases, el dimecres 3 de maig s’anunciaran els candidats seleccionats tant a la homepage de la web www.cambridgeschool.com, com de manera personal amb els alumnes i tutors dels seleccionats. 

Scholarship applications are channeled through the English departments at the different secondary schools, which offer more information about our scholarships to students.

In terms of the more than 20 public secondary schools participating in the program, there will be a scholarship recipient at each one provided that candidates have submitted an application and meet the requirements set forth for participation. (see the application rules below).

Once the application process has finalized and candidates' applications have been evaluated as described in the scholarship rules, the awardees are announced.

Scholarships are presented at a ceremony to which the scholarship recipients are invited, as well as their families, the teachers at their secondary schools, and personalities and authorities from the municipalities participating in the program.

A Shared Success

Through our first six scholarship program editions, 150 scholarship recipients were able to cultivate their English with us at a key time in their education as they were preparing their professional lives – doing so through an experience that has been evaluated as positive by all participants.

As a school, we are pleased to have shared this initiative with them – and their successes are our reason to continue forward with future editions of the Cambridge School English Scholarship Program.


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