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This is the Cambridge Assessment English most widely recognised exam worldwide. It corresponds to an upper intermediate level (Level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and is for adults and teenagers to demonstrate they can use everyday English for work or study purposes.

B2 level is required by Catalan universities for graduating and is the most widely recognised certificate for work purposes.

What is “First for Schools"?

The B2 First for Schools exam has the same format as the B2 First for Adults. The only difference is the topics, which are more suitable for young learners studying at school. Students receive the same certificate as adults that take the B2 First exam.

Why take the exam?

There are many reasons for doing the B2 First (for Adult or for Schools) exam, including that it:

  • Is recognised by companies, universities and public and private organisations both nationally and internationally.
  • Is required by Catalan universities for students to graduate.
  • Besides using the certificate to apply for an university across the world, it's also possible to use it to ask for students' visas.
  • Increases motivation for studying English by setting a goal and making visible progress.
  • Recognises progress with an official Cambridge Assessment English certificate.

What's in the exam?

The exam consists of the following parts:

  • Reading and use of English (grammar and vocabulary) – 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Writing – 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Listening – 40 minutes
  • Speaking in pairs – 14 minutes

You can do the speaking part with a friend also sitting the exam.

To pass, you need to get 60%, for which you'll be awarded the Cambridge Assessment English certificate. If you don't pass but get between 45 and 59%, you’ll get a certificate stating the level you achieved.

Preparing for the exam

If you’re a Cambridge School student in a B2 First level course, you’ll know if you're ready to do the exam because, as part of the course, each term you’ll do a mock exam to test your level. If you get over 60% on this test, you can enrol to do the B2 First or First for Schools exam.

We also offer special preparation courses for the B2 First exam at reduced prices for Cambridge School students. These are intensive courses available in spring, summer and autumn in the weeks prior to the exam. In these courses, you learn exam techniques, prepare written essays similar to those in the exam and do a total of 4 full mock exams in class and as homework.

Plus, for candidates enrolled in the exam, we do an additional mock exam (free for Cambridge School students) three weeks prior to the real exam, which is a fantastic opportunity to get in some more practice before the exam.

Price and exam dates

The exam costs €202, both B2 First for Adults and B2 First for Schools.

The B2 First exam is held three times a year, in June, July and December. The B2 First for Schools is held in June and July. All exams are held at Granollers.

For exact dates, see the exam calendar in the "Official exams" section.

Want to know more?

Cambridge English explains it in just over a minute!

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