Official Exams

Companies are increasingly requiring that the language skills of their employees (and of candidates looking for work with them) are accredited by official certificates. And, for some years now, Catalan universities have required students to obtain a B2 level foreign language before being able to graduate. For English, the most well-known exams are the prestigious University of Cambridge certificates, among them, B2 First.

Examina't amb nosaltres! Exam Dates - Official Exams 21-22 with Cambridge School
Exam Price* Date Enrolment deadline

Pre A1 Starters

A1 Movers



21 May 2022 Until 4 March
A2 Key for Schools 98,25€ 18 June 2022 Until 4 March
A2 Key 98,25€

19 July 2022

Until 10 June

B1 Preliminary for Schools 105€ 18 June 2022 Until 4 March
B1 Preliminary 105€

19 July 2022

Until 10 June

B2 First for Schools 195€

4 December 2021

11 June 2022

23 July 2022

Until 8 October

Until 4 March

Until 10 June

B2 First 195€

11 December 2021

4 June 2022

28 July 2022

Until 8 October

Until 4 March

Until 10 June

C1 Advanced 211€

11 December 2021

18 June 2022

29 July 2022

Until 8 October

Until 4 March

Until 10 June

C2 Proficiency 217€

2 December 2021

9 June 2022

Until 8 October

Until 4 March


Prepara't amb nosaltres

A més de ser Centre Examinador Autoritzat, també oferim cursos específics de preparació, pensats per als qui ja han assolit un nivell determinat i desitgen posar el focus completament en l'examen d'aquell nivell — amb:

  • Tècniques específiques d'examen i anàlisi d'errors comuns
  • Exàmens complets amb tota la tipologia de writing tasks
  • Un examen simulacre
  • Assessorament i guiatge personalitzat

Per a nens, joves i adults, al llarg de tot l'any.
Poden ser integrats en un curs de nivell (de setembre a juny) o bé com a cursos específics d'entre 30/34 hores de durada que es realitzen a la tardor-hivern (de setembre a desembre) o a l'estiu (al juny i juliol).
Les dates i els horaris varien en funció de la convocatòria.
Per a més informació, consulta el teu centre més proper.

Per a joves i adults. Via ZOOM, també oferim cursos específics intensius en 8 setmanes per a B2 First C1 Advanced.
Aquests cursos s'ofereixen periòdicament al llarg de l'any
Per a més detalls, consultar Cambridge School Zoom per a joves i adults.


Why at Cambridge School?
  • Our students benefit from having the best pedagogic resources available, specialised native teachers and our long experience in successfully preparing students for the exams.
  • Over 4.500 Cambridge School students have passed University of Cambridge exams in the last 20 years.
  • Cambridge School has the undisputed record of students prepared for the B2 First, the most widely recognised certificate in the world, with more than 2,500 students having attained the certificate since 2000.
  • We offer preparation classes for the official exams, based around intensive courses and mock exams, which are excellent practice for doing the real exam.
  • Cambridge School is an Exam Preparation Centre, which means candidates can do the exam in the school they study at and will do the speaking part with their classmates doing the same certificate, thereby reducing exam nerves.

Cambridge School has been chosen to be part of the pilot project Cambridge Assessment English in Spain.

Being selected for this new category of Cambridge English, amounts to recognition for Cambridge School as a leading centre for preparing students for the official exams.

Why the Cambridge English Qualifications?

The Cambridge English Qualifications are the most prestigious English qualifications in the world for students, with over 5 million exams taken every year. They are accepted in over 20,000 universities, companies and governments worldwide (you can check which institutions accept Cambridge Assessment English certificates here). They can help you access higher education, further your career and, owing to their international recognition, improve your work and study opportunities.

All Cambridge English Qualifications assess speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. They also assess knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar.All the examns follow the Common European Framework (CEFR), a standard recognised everywhere which describes the language skills.

Cambridge English Qualifications Level Descriptor Description


C2 Proficiency


Proficiency 2
Proficiency 1
Certificate proving a very high level of English. This exam is often taken by non-native English teachers, translators or candidates who need a near-perfect mastery of English for work or academic reasons.

C1 Advanced 


Exam recognised by companies and educational institutions around the world. Often required for studying in an English-speaking country or for jobs requiring fluency in English.

B2 First 


Upper intermediate 2
Upper intermediate 1
Upper-intermediate exam that demonstrates candidates can use everyday written and spoken English for work and study purposes. It is required by Catalan universities for graduating and is the most widely recognised certificate for work purposes.

B1 Preliminary 


Intermediate 2
Intermediate 1
Intermediate level exam for adults and young learners that shows students are able to use English language skills for work, study and travel. Some universities require this certificate from master's students.

A2 Key 


Pre-intermediate 2
Pre-intermediate 1
Pre-intermediate level exam for adults and young learners that demonstrates a basic grasp of English grammar and communication skills. Has a similar format to the PET and FCE exams and, therefore, serves as a useful experience.
A1 Movers
PreA1 Starters
Elementary 2
Elementary 1
Rewarding exams aimed at encouraging children between 7 and 12. Designed for children to show what they know in English, provide them with a sense of progress and motivate them to learn more.


Desitges un pla per assolir-los?

Per a nens i joves (d'1 a 17 anys):

​​Plans personals per acompanyar els vostres fills en l'aprenentatge de l'anglès al llarg de totes les seves etapes: 
Baby EnglishInfantilPrimària i Secundària


Per a adults (a partir de 18 anys):

Plans d'anglès personalitzats, definits en funció del nivell real de l'alumne i del temps d'estudi del qual disposa. 
Per arribar als objectius en el temps òptim!


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